On the blog today.. Miss Madeline!

We met at the BOMB studio in Royal Oak, Dayspace. One of my favorite places to shoot. The space is wide open with zero obstacles in my way. I can wheel all around. Even the lights have wheels for me, so convenient. The walls are all white with black trimmed windows for that modern touch. Cement floors.. high ceilings.

We were portfolio building this session. We wanted a little bit of everything. She came fresh faced with no make-up on, so we snapped a few of those. Then started with some athletic wear. Some rugged looks, bright and cheerful looks.. then some dark & more serious ones. Then ended with my take on Vogue magazine cover model pics! I have to say, she nailed every single look. She's 16, 6 foot 1 & gorgeous.. but that is just her outside. Inside, she is just as beautiful & kind, but most importantly, she's very smart. She wants to be a Dr. She has always worked so hard in school, I have no doubt whatever she chooses, she will be successful. The modeling gigs can be for fun and for extra money to help get her through college in a few years. Or she can become a very successful Super Model ;) She's my niece & I am one proud aunt.